Web interface

Advanced web interface. Support for commonly used browsers - MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

Mobile device

Support for mobile devices. Direct access to database. Possibility to work offline

Multi-language system

Ergonomic, multilingual and user-friendly interface.


Branding according to customer requirements.
(colors, logos, icons, elements layout)

DB repository

Complex repository, complete history. All descriptive data are stored in the database.

ForMic Designer & Installer

Design and functionality are modifiable by configuration tool ForMic Designer. New versions installation is made via user friendly application ForMic Installer.

Users & Data united

ForMic system offers users processing of business data in one place, in one system, in a unified and familiar environment. It is based on a SASPO system, which has more than twenty years of development history.

The environment is built on proven Microsoft technologies - MS SQL, .NET, IIS and offers a wide scalability - from low cost solution to extensive solutions for large numbers of users and process huge amount of data.

ForMic service provides processing large amounts of data including the possibility of scheduling tasks. Using ForMic Printer allows creation and printing huge count or large documents.

ForMic products family includes ForMic Designer - comfortable tool for system configuration and setting its functionality and ForMic Installer - enabling easy deployment and system upgrades.

Still there is a continuous development of new functionality on system ForMic. New functionality contains development of core system and of course specialized solutions.

Usage of standards and best practices during the development and implementation is obvious.

ForMic Features

E-mail parsing

Maintenance of mail boxes by standard protocols (IMAP, POP3), downloading and processing messages by definition depending by message content.

VoIP integration

Integration with VoIP Solutions (Daktela, Spinoco, Cisco, 3CX), maintenance of predictive dialer queues, Click2Dial, logging call records include workflow and activity agenda management. SMPP support for SMS communication.

File transformation

Processing of files for DMS module – there is possibility to compress files, import files and maintain other standard file operations.

WS communication

General and specialized web services communication module allowing easy interface to third party systems i.e. mass emails, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, CRIBIS and approximately twenty others.


Download and upload files via FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols with their consecutive processing by other standard system functionality.

API Banking

Module for processing standard banking services like payment order creation or download of bank account statement. Functionality is designed generally and allows connection to any supported bank with minimal required changes. Application for OAuth2 is included.


The processing of ThePay services which allows payment management across all Czech banks. There is also a special server application for payment status processing.

WAB Server

Communication with well known platforms like Whats App, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messaging and also technologies like MailChimp and Twilio.

Many modules can be combined and can be used together to cover requested processes.

Mobile Users & Data United

ForMic System contains mobile application as a full-fledged client for working in terrain and out of office. System allows work in two main ways – online and offline. User is connected with central database where are all data actualised in online mode or user can work out of the mobile or WiFi signal coverage in offline mode. Then are data synchronized include conflict situations, which can rarely occur.

Application is developer for Android OS from version 4.4 to latest one. Users can work on mobile phones, tablets and other kind of devices. It is recommended to use tablets with bigger screen for comfortable work.

ForMic Mobile offers very similar functionality like standard ForMic. There are fully preserved repository features (there is created mobile repository) which allow adding and changing of agendas without occasion of new application version installation. This feature saves a lot of maintenance work.

ForMic Mobile shares the same database and allows work on the same data as in ForMic.

There are synchronized only proper data for each user by dynamical filters. Each user must use own PIN to unlock application, this method is independent on ForMic authentication mode. Administrator can whenever PIN change or block whole mobile account.

Release notes




Version 2.1.0

- updated functionality for Reporting Services

- Display-only mode for forms

- cascading record erasing

- new control Choice-advanced

- second factor for authentication




Version 2.0.5

- support for other IM platforms

- audit reports

- enhancement of delete record functionality




Version 2.0.3

- upgrade for higher .NET version

- performance optimalization for ItemPicker control

- general communication tool with well known IM apps

- transaction repeater enhancement




Version 1.2.5

- new export abilities

- new validation objects

- support for new set of languages

- performance optimalization




Version 1.2.4

- spinner

- alternative form procedures

- extension of system security rules

- scheduling of user functions execution

- forms positioning




Version 1.2.3

- multichoice with checkboxes

- editable grid

- Office 365 authentication

- possibility of using the basic chart types

- defining the order of user views and filters



ForMic system is a joint product by Redmond Consulting and Greenberg Consulting.
ForMic Icon
(for any subject solutions)

Redmond Consulting s.r.o.

Place: K Březince 230/24, 182 00 Praha 8


(solutions for financial sector)

Greenberg Consulting s.r.o.

Place: K Březince 230/24, 182 00 Praha 8